ICR provides supported living services to consumers of GGRC, RCEB, and private paying clients.

ICR will work with consumers, their circles of support, housing developers, city planners, The Housing Consortium, Housing Authorities, and others to locate and maintain residences, including rental deposits, furnishings, etc.

Personal Assistance:
May include assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, drinking, taking medication, etc.

Attendant Management:
Help in recruiting, screening, hiring, and training support staff; including back-ups and live-in attendants or roommates.

Basic Living Skills:
Includes money management, shopping, planning and preparing meals, banking, cleaning, laundry, correspondence, making appointments, using public and/or private transportation, household maintenance, etc.

Mobility Training:
Instruction to traveling the community independently using public transportation, walking, etc.

Using the Community — Creating and Maintaining Relationships:
ICR will assist the individuals we work with to increase and maintain their relationships with friends and families. To prevent feelings of isolation, it is important for adults with developmental disabilities to participate in regularly scheduled community activities.

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