Supported Living Services

for adults

Our Mission

All individuals, regardless of any disability, have the right to be contributing members of their communities.

Inclusive Community Resources provides home and community-based services to empower and enable adults with developmental disabilities to thrive in their own homes.

What We Offer

Supported Living Services (SLS)

We provide Supported Living Services (SLS) to individuals who reside in the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa and Marin. We’re vendored to provide services to clients of the Regional Center of the East Bay and Golden Gate Regional Center.

We believe that every decision that affects a person with disabilities should be made with that person’s involvement. Our services are uniquely tailored to enable our clients to live according to their desired rhythm of daily life.

What Sets Us Apart

Founding Principles of Supported Living

A Home of One’s Own

  • The individuals we support live in homes that they own, lease or rent, like other members of their community.
  • The individuals we support choose where and with whom they live, and they control what happens in their home, down to every last detail.
  • The housing of the individuals we support is separate from their services, so they are safe and secure in their homes and do not have to move if their needs, services or service agency changes.

Choice & Self-Direction

  • The individuals we serve make their own choices every day.
  • The individuals we support plan for their futures, based on their own goals and dreams.
  • The individuals we support direct the services they receive and have a choice of agencies and staff.
  • The individuals we serve are supported to communicate their preferences, choices and needs.


  • The individuals we support also have family, friends and neighbors who round out their circle of support.
  • We work together as a team with each individual we serve and their circle of support to share responsibility for the individual’s wellbeing.

Community Membership

  • The individuals we support fully participate in the mainstream of community life according to personal choice and preference.
  • They have opportunities to join clubs, groups, organizations, and religious groups.
  • They use local community resources as well as generic services.

Flexible, Tailored Services & Supports

  • Each individual we serve has an Individual Service Plan which is developed through a person-centered planning process.
  • Service plans reflect the support that each individual wants and needs, and these plans change as the wants and needs of the individual change.
  • The individuals we support have opportunities to increase their abilities, confidence, and quality of life, while maintaining their health and safety.
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